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The products below can be ordered for delivery by courier. Please note that the prices shown below may not be entirley up to date and do not include post, packaging and delivery costs. Please contact us for more details.

If you would like to place an order, or enquire about any of our products, please telephone us on:
01902 425064
Some of our most popular products are listed below - please scroll down for more details of our prize winning pork pies and sausages on this page. These are always readily available as they are hand-made daily:
Some of our other foods are seasonal and only available at certain times of the year. Please click on one of the links below to read more information on those items:

Pork Pies

Our famous pork pies are available in 1lb, 2lb, 4lb and 6lb sizes. We will happily decorate your pie with a personalised message of your choice at no extra charge (see below). Prices are as follows:

Pork Pie
Prices per lb / kg
1lb Pork Pie 2.78
2 - 6lb Pork Pie 3.08 per lb / 6.79 per kg

Speciality Pies
Pork Pie
Our speciality pies are based on our famous Pork Pies, with added ingredients that we think make them something altogether different. We can also decorate your speciality pie with a personalised message of your choice, as we did when Michael presented this pie (left) to Noddy Holder of Slade. Prices are as follows:


1 lb Pies

2lb, 4lb & 6lb Pies

Pork & Leek


3.28 per lb / 7.23 per kg

Pork, Sage & Onion


£3.38 per lb / £7.45 per kg

Pork & Chicken


£3.38 per lb / £7.45 per kg

Ploughmans £2.98 £3.38 per lb / £7.45 per kg

Pork & Chilli


£3.38 per lb / £7.45 per kg

Pork Royale
Chicken breast seasoned with sage sandwiched between two layers of pork pie meat, topped with cranberries in jelly

£3.18 £3.58 per lb / £7.89 per kg

Your Personalised Message

Any 2lb, 4lb or 6lb pie can be decorated with a personalised message of your choice. The maximum numbers of letters per pie are:

2lb pie 10 Letters
4lb pie 20 Letters
6lb pie (oblong) 25 Letters

Speciality Sausages
Pork Pie
We know that our sausages are of the very highest quality, because they win awards year after year (click here for details). We make many varieties, from the Traditional Pork to the more exotic recipes such as; Lamb, Honey and Ginger. Some of these recipes are the same ones used to make our prize winning sausages!

  per lb per kg
Traditional Pork 3.18 7.01
Pork & Leek 3.48 7.67
Cumberland 3.48 7.67
Pork & Black Pudding 3.48 7.67
Pork & Chilli 3.48 7.67
Pork, Smokey Bacon & Tomato * 3.48 7.67
Pork & Tomato 3.48 7.67
Pork & Herb 3.48 7.67
Pork, Sage & Onion* 3.48 7.67
Pork, Leek & Stilton 3.48 7.67
Pork, Spring Onion & Ginger* 3.48 7.67
Pork, Pear & Stilton* 3.48 7.67
Old English 3.48 7.67
Pork, Honey & Mustard 3.48 7.67
Pork, Celery, Apple & Stilton* 3.48 7.67
Game with Red Wine & Onion* 3.48 7.67
Pork, Turkey and Cranberry* 3.48 7.67
Pork, Mango & Ginger* 3.48 7.67
Pork & Caramelized Onion 3.48 7.67
Supreme Championship Beef* 3.48 7.67
Chorizo 3.48 7.67
Lamb, Honey & Ginger* 3.48 7.67

* please note that sausages marked with an asterisk are subject to a minimum order quantity of 5lb

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